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The reality is that gender stereotypes still exist in today's society. In fact, juries are more likely to perceive female lawyers as believing in their clients, and fighting for their lives, which in turn makes it easier for women attorneys to persuade the jury that their clients are innocent. Whereas men are too often perceived as “putting on a show” or “trying to trick” the jury, women attorneys tend to be viewed as more genuine and honest in their advocacy.

At White Goldstein, we have top criminal defense attorneys who have overturned sexual assault cases by employing a successful consent defense. We have also successfully overturned sexual assault cases using a unique variety of other defenses. See the “case victories” section for other outstanding case results.

More information on sex crimes and registration

Unfortunately, in California all convicted sex offenders must register with local law enforcement and are labeled as a “sex offender” for life unless other measures are taken to remove them from sex registry. The registry is accessible to the public. This is why it is so important to hire the best defense team to fight your sex crimes case. Of all the criminal defense attorneys Los Angeles has to offer, there are no other sex crimes attorneys in Southern California, who possess the knowledge, dedication, passion, and tenacity of the White Goldstein trial team.

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At White Goldstein, we provide our clients, and their loved ones, with nothing less than excellence in criminal defense. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, we fight for our clients with compassion and emotion as well as intellect and skill because we genuinely care for our clients and their families