DUI Offenders: New Laws = More Privileges

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For a DUI offender found guilty of driving under the influence in California more than once within a 10-year period, convictions can have life-altering consequences resulting in years of mandatory driver's license revocations or suspensions. As of July 1, 2010, however, new laws come into effect that provide relief for the DUI multiple offender.

Prior to July 1, 1010, if you were convicted of a second or third DUI within 10 years, you faced two and three year license revocations, respectively. You were eligible to apply for a restricted license under very limited circumstances that required proof of completion of at least 12 months of an 18 or 30-month alcohol program, or longer, depending on the number of prior convictions. The restricted license allowed a driver to drive to and from the alcohol program, and to and from work, for the purpose of work.

Under the new laws, a multiple offender is generally eligible to apply for a restricted license after just 90 days of having a suspended license.  They need only show proof of enrollment in the applicable alcohol program, verify that they have had the interlock ignition device (IID) installed, show proof of insurance (SR-22), and pay a reinstatement fee.

If you have been accused, or arrested for, DUI in California, be sure that you are not convicted of being under the influence of drugs while driving. It is important for the court to distinguish that you are under the influence of alcohol, and not drugs, because the new laws regarding restricted licenses only apply to offenders who are under the influence of an alcoholic beverage at the time of driving. If it is determined that you may have been under the influence of a drug as well, then it is possible that your privilege to drive will remain suspended, or revoked, for years.

For additional information about DUI and DMV laws, click here: DUI Defense.

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