Lindsay Lohan Faces Probation Violation for Alleged Cocaine Positive Test

Posted by Debra White | Sep 21, 2010 | 0 Comments

In yet another chapter of celebrity justice melodrama, Lindsay Lohan's probation has been revoked, and a bench warrant has been issued for her arrest.  The bench warrant has been held temporarily until Friday, when Lindsay Lohan will appear before Judge Fox in the Beverly Hills Court to address the alleged probation violation.

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan has already admitted to the dirty test via Twitter, and tweeted that she was “ready to face the consequences.”  Interestingly enough, as a drug crimes attorney in Los Angeles, sometimes it happens that a dirty test may surface in a probation report, months after the test was taken.  Drug testing is done at random, and sometimes weekly but more often monthly.  The reason this is significant is because sometimes drug crimes clients have a brief relapse with cocaine, methamphetamine, or marijuana possession and use, but then proceed to get back on a healthy path to recovery.  Unfortunately, even once the defendant has seen the error of his/her way with respect to the relapse, the dirty test from the prior month then comes back to bit him/her in the butt.

What remains unclear is what type of controlled substance triggered the positive, dirty test: cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana?  Rumors have circulated that the test was positive for cocaine but this has not been confirmed.

The larger question remains: will Lohan be sentenced to jail time for the dirty test which certainly constitutes a probation violation?  The Judge has previously threatened to sentence her to 30 fays for each probation violation but only time will tell if Logan is headed back to county jail or back to residential drug rehabilitation…

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