Mother Accused of Brutal Samurai Sword Murder of Twin Baby Girls

Posted by Debra White | Oct 25, 2010 | 0 Comments

Today, Monica McCarrick, appeared in court for the first time to face charges of first-degree murder for the death of her twin baby girls in Fairfield, California.  Ms. McCarrick pleaded not guilty to the premeditated murder charges from her hospital bed last week.

Ms. McCarrick has been on suicide watch while being held in county jail, after she was released from the hospital for allegedly repeatedly stabbing herself and her children with a samurai sword, and then allegedly setting fire to her own home.  Neighbors apparently noticed the burning home and broke down the door to attempt to assist those inside.  One neighbor alleges that he saw a bloody samurai sword and a bottle of pills inside the home.

Ms. McCarrick had previously been involved with a domestic violence criminal case in San Diego in 2006 and a child support case in 2009 with the twins' father.

As a criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles who has defended countless violent crimes cases, including murder, attempted murder, domestic violence, and kidnapping charges, it seems obvious that there is a deplorably incomplete picture of what Ms. McCarrick must have been experiencing emotionally, psychologically, and physically, to have engaged in such allegedly violent criminal acts against herself and her children.

While there are plenty of women accused of crimes in California, particularly with respect to cases which involve domestic violence and sexual abuse issues, it still remains a fact that the majority of violent crimes are committed my men.  From a criminal defense perspective, it seems plausible that Ms. McCarrick may have been suffering from serious mental health problems prior to the alleged violent acts or may even have suffered from delusions making her potentially unable to appreciate the difference between right or wrong.  Any such mitigating evidence might make this first-degree murder case look more like a manslaughter case or a not-guilty-by-reason-of-insanity case.  No matter what the investigation may uncover, Ms. McCarrick clearly has a long, uphill battle with the criminal justice system in California.  She faces the possibility of the death penalty, or life without parole, depending on what the prosecutor intends to seek as penalty.

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