Sex Crimes Defense: A Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer’s Uphill Battle

Posted by Debra White | Jul 21, 2009 | 0 Comments

Especially in today's world with the dominating force of the media and the Internet, an accused that faces felony or misdemeanor charges for a sex crime in California is facing a serious and long uphill battle.

In particular, most people in California are aware of Megan's law and how to find the Department of Justice Megan's Law website to locate any sex offenders in any city in California. Unfortunately, even some people who are charged with misdemeanor sex offenses such as annoying or molesting a child (California Penal Code §647.6), indecent exposure (California Penal Code §314), possession of child pornography (California Penal Code §311.11) or sexual battery (California Penal Code §243.4) all have to fight the mandatory sex registration requirement that comes along with being convicted of one of these misdemeanor sex crimes charges and also face the possibility of having one's personal information posted on this Megan's Law website for all the world to see.

For felony charges such as child molestation (§288) or continuous molestation of a child (§288.5), the forecast is even bleaker because these cases rarely receive probation, and often go to trial to avoid the client serving a lengthy state prison sentence and mandatory sex registration.

At White Goldstein, as a female trial team, we are sensitive to the privacy concerns involved with sex crimes cases. We specialize in representing people accused of sex crimes cases and know how to fight aggressively for you to receive probation and counseling instead of prison time and mandatory sex registration.

For example, in some of my recent sex crimes cases, I fought to obtain probation and sex offender counseling for each case. I strategically submitted a doctor's evaluation (called a §288.1 report) to support a probation offer and to show that the client did not have a propensity to commit sex crimes. In one of my recent cases, all sex registration charges were dismissed. In another recent sex crimes case, all sex crime charges involving allegations of force were dismissed. And in yet another one of my recent cases, where the client was accused of felony child molestation, the client was placed on formal probation and given credit for time served.

It may be an uphill battle but it IS possible to flight, and to win, sex crimes cases in California when you have skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys supporting you.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, sexual assault, rape, or are being investigated for having committed a sex crime, then contact the Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys White Goldstein today for a free, confidential consultation at: (877) 77 WE-WIN or (877) 779-3946.

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Debra White

Attorney Debra S. White is an aggressive and talented trial attorney based in Los-Angeles, California who has successfully represented clients accused of sex crimes in both state and federal courts since 1999. Ms. White is a fierce advocate who enjoys the many challenging aspects of sex crimes defense, including defending against false accusations, faulty memories, and prosecutorial misconduct.


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