600 Yard Tunnel Discovered For Federal Drug Trafficking

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Well here's a news story that really captured my attention as a federal criminal defense attorney who handles lots of federal drug trafficking cases throughout southern California.  Apparently the United States Authorities, specifically Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), discovered 30 tons of marijuana that was being smuggled through a 600 yard tunnel between the California and Mexico Border.  This tunnel was really quite innovative: it had a rail system, lighting, and ventilation, and connected to a warehouse in Tijuana and a warehouse in Otay Mesa San Diego.

Apparently, 26 tons of marijuana had already been transported when the Federal  Authorities intercepted an additional ten tons of marijuana as it was being transported to the warehouse In Otay Mesa, San Diego California.  An additional 5 tons of marijuana was seized by the Mexican military inside the Tijuana warehouse

Apparently, a married couple driving the truck with several tons of marijuana, heading to the Otay Mesa, warehouse, were arrested.  Inevitably based on the quantity of the marijuana seized, and the sophistication and large scope of the drug trafficking ring which had clearly been established, all defendants indicted in this matter will face 10 year mandatory minimum federal prison sentences and that of course is merely the minimum prescribed by federal criminal law.

Ironically, to some this federal drug crimes concept is a very family story — on the fictional Showtime television show “Weeds” in the fourth season, the lead character, Nancy, is involved in massive federal drug trafficking between Mexico and the United States.  And in the show how does Nancy's character transport the large quantity of marijuana? She owns a store located conveniently above a giant underground tunnel which connects Mexico to San Diego.   Life does imitate art- or at least clever cable television shows.

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