Client Testimonials

Douglas Hines, former client Recommends Debra White

I have worked with a few lawyers over the years and I will say this about Debra, she is without a doubt the most honest, hard working lawyer I have ever come in contact with. If you are looking for someone that will defend you with everything they have, be 100% dedicated to your case, Debra is the one to go with. In addition to her being dedicated, she is very sharp. I was facing a bogus DUI charge that it seemed no other lawyer wanted to take on and be willing to go to trial; until I met Debra. Not only did she fight for me, she had the case dismissed in the criminal proceeding as well as with the DMV case. IMO many lawyers are out there to take your fees and end the case ASAP, without regard for if they are getting the best deal possible. That is not Debra's method of operation. Even though it took multiple court appearances, she got the dismissal. One last note, don't let her personable nature and good looks fool you, when she needs to be she is tough as nails.

White Goldstein

At White Goldstein, we provide our clients, and their loved ones, with nothing less than excellence in criminal defense. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, we fight for our clients with compassion and emotion as well as intellect and skill because we genuinely care for our clients and their families