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At White Goldstein we have the experience, education, and courtroom expertise, to aggressively and successfully fight federal criminal charges. A large majority of people accused of federal offenses, will face felony charges. The federal court system is not something which can be easily navigated without experience and an intimate knowledge of the Federal Laws and Procedure.

At White Goldstein, we provide a solid federal defense with well-researched and well-written pretrial and trial motions, aggressive negotiation, preparation, tenacity, compassion, and trial skills. The top criminal defense attorneys at White Goldstein are the highest caliber criminal defense attorneys that Southern California has to offer. Both Ms. White and Ms. Goldstein graduated from top-rated law schools and have been practicing federal criminal defense since passing the bar.

Federal crimes are violations of the laws passed by the United States Congress. A federal crime is also any crime that occurs on, or that involves federal property, crimes committed across state lines, and crimes that occur over the Internet.

All federal crimes are investigated by a federal law enforcement agency, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations (“FBI”), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”), The Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”), and the Central Intelligence Agency (“CIA”). Once a person is charged with a federal crime, he or she will be prosecuted by an Assistant United States Attorney (“AUSA”), the federal version of a district attorney.

Federal crimes are numerous and diverse. Common federal crimes include: conspiracy, drug possession, drug distribution, and drug trafficking, possession and distribution of child pornography, online pharmacy fraud, healthcare fraud, welfare fraud, social security fraud, money laundering, RICO, mail fraud, tax evasion, bribery of public officials, embezzlement, and other crimes which occur across state lines.

Federal crimes have many potential defenses including: illegal search and seizure issues (under the Fourth Amendment), First Amendment issues, faulty financial accounting, entrapment, duress, coercion, and lack of knowledge. If you believe that you are to face felony charges for a federal crime, it is imperative that you consult with experienced federal criminal lawyers in California. Contact White Goldstein to discuss what type of defenses might apply to your case:
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See the case victories section below for examples of our outstanding federal crimes case results.

The possible penalties for a federal crime are varied and severe. For offenses such as drug trafficking and distribution of child pornography, there are often federal mandatory minimums of five to ten years depending on the facts of the case. A mandatory minimum means that the court must sentence a defendant found guilty of that particular federal offense to a minimum of five or ten years in federal prison. Often people who have been convicted of a federal offense, are sentenced to significantly more prison time than the mandatory minimum.

Therefore, a person who has been convicted of a federal crime may face a lengthy sentence of federal imprisonment, victim restitution, court fines, court-ordered drug rehabilitation, court-ordered counseling, GPS monitoring, and a long period of supervised release after the prison sentence has ended.

The top criminal defense attorneys at White Goldstein have extensive experience with handling federal cases throughout California including in the United States Central District Courts in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Riverside, the United States Eastern District Courts in Sacramento, Bakersfield, Fresno, Tahoe, Redding, and Yosemite, The United States Eastern District Courts in San Francisco, San Jose, Eureka, and Oakland, and the United States Southern District Courts in San Diego and El Centro.

If you are facing federal charges, then speak with the best federal criminal law lawyers that Los Angeles has to offer. Call White Goldstein for a free, confidential consultation at:
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Federal Crimes Case Victories

Charge: Fraud and Conspiracy

Potential Punishment: 20 years in prison
Outstanding Result: 1 year of probation and no prison time.

Charges: Felon in Possession of a Firearm

Potential Punishment: 10 years in prison
Outstanding Result: Case was dismissed after a successful motion to suppress evidence

Charges: Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography

Potential Punishment: 10 years-to-life in prison
Outstanding Result: 52 months in prison

This was an exceptional result under the facts of the case and because the law required that the client serve a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 10 years in prison.

Charges: Conspiracy and Drug Trafficking of Marijuana

Possible Punishment: 10 years-to-life in prison
Outstanding Result:
Client received 45 months in prison and was released early into a halfway house

This was a particularly outstanding result given that the client had suffered over 10 prior convictions for drug sales in the past and was facing a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.

Charges: Unlawful Possession of a Firearm

Possible Punishment: 10 years in prison
Outstanding Result: Jury verdict of not guilty

Charges: Fraud and Money Laundering

Possible Punishment: 20 years in prison
Outstanding Result: Case not filed

Federal authorities were informed that client was involved in a conspiracy to commit medical fraud. Special agents working with the FBI.

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