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Sex Crimes

Sex crimes have increasing visibility in today’s world and may result in devastating consequences. If you have been accused of committing a sex crime, then it is likely that you will face felony charges. White Goldstein has the experience and the skills necessary to win and the compassion and the empathy necessary to understand the tremendous difficulties involved with fighting what may be considered “taboo” charges. At White Goldstein, we have the best criminal defense lawyers Los Angeles has to offer. We are available for a free, confidential consultation

White Goldstein

The White Goldstein law firm was created by Ms. White and Ms. Goldstein for the primary purpose of establishing a sex crimes defense team that could effectively defend against the most serious and challenging accusations. It is White Goldstein’s philosophy that the best defense in a difficult sex crimes case requires not only the best possible team of experts, but also a collaborative team effort between passionate and tenacious lawyers who use their knowledge, skill, and creativity to fight these emotionally-charged cases from all possible angles. We fight to win.

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Contact the offices of White Goldstein to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys. We will provide you or your loved one with superior legal representation. We are dedicated to giving our criminal defense clients the highest level of service. We will thoroughly investigate the charges you or your loved one face and will tirelessly work to have them dismissed. Call us today: (877) 779-3946

White Goldstein

At White Goldstein, we provide our clients, and their loved ones, with nothing less than excellence in criminal defense. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, we fight for our clients with compassion and emotion as well as intellect and skill because we genuinely care for our clients and their families