Client Testimonials

Louis Gonzalez, III, former client Recommends Debra White

Debra S. White is an absolutely amazing attorney. I was frivolously accused of several violent crimes and was facing five life sentences in prison. Ms. White was able to quickly navigate through the red tape and prove my innocence. She knew exactly what was going to happen and knew how to handle it effectively. Not only was she able to have my case dismissed before the Preliminary Hearing, but she went on the have an Order of Factual Innocence signed by the judge just six months later. This woman is an angel and there is no way on earth that I would trust my life in the hands of another criminal attorney. If you are lucky enough to interview and retain this attorney, she will eat, sleep, and breath your case. Feel free to ask Ms. White for my phone number as she is authorized to release it to potential clients.

White Goldstein

At White Goldstein, we provide our clients, and their loved ones, with nothing less than excellence in criminal defense. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, we fight for our clients with compassion and emotion as well as intellect and skill because we genuinely care for our clients and their families