Grand Theft Defense Attorney

Grand theft is the taking of property when the amount of property is alleged to be worth over $400.00.    Grand theft is often charged as a felony but may be charged as a misdemeanor, or reduced to a misdemeanor, with successful negotiation.   Just as with petty theft cases, the prosecution often encounters difficulty with proving a person's intent to steal based on various factors in the case.

Consequences of Grand Theft Charge

In addition to jail, prison, fines and/or restitution, a grand theft charge can also create a permanent criminal record that can affect your reputation, any professional licenses & future employment opportunities.

Grand Theft Defenses

One of the key issues to successfully defend against a charge of grand theft is whether the amount of loss can be repaid (restitution) up front to the alleged victim in the case.  Grand theft cases can result in severe penalties ranging from probation and community service to years in prison. The greater the amount of money or value of property taken, the more severe the sentence that may be imposed.

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