Why We Win

Experience, Knowledge, and Skill

  • We graduated from top-tier rated law schools
  • We practice exclusively 100% criminal defense
  • We are in the courtroom, day in and day out, fighting for our clients
  • We have tried and won cases throughout Southern California
  • We have earned the respect of our peers, prosecutors, and Judges

The Power of a Female Attorney

  • Gender stereotypes exist—it is more acceptable for a female attorney to argue with both her intellect, her passion, and her emotion
  • Women attorneys are viewed as more genuine and honest in their advocacy which helps persuade juries that you are innocent
  • Male attorneys are often perceived as “putting on a show” or “trying to trick” the jury
  • Jurors are more accepting of a female attorney who aggressively cross-examines a female or child accuser
  • It has a positive psychological impact on the jury to see a female attorney, who believes in, and who aggressively defends her male client

Fearless and Relentless Advocacy

  • We zealously represent our clients
  • We are not afraid of hard work
  • We never give up
  • We dedicate our minds and our hearts


  • We think outside the box
  • No stone is left unturned
  • We are not afraid to be different


  • We are straightforward and honest
  • We find a defensible truth in every case
  • Jurors trust us

Meticulous Preparation

  • We never “just wing it”
  • We meticulously prepare each and every case
  • Thorough preparation = a successful defense

White Goldstein

At White Goldstein, we provide our clients, and their loved ones, with nothing less than excellence in criminal defense. Unlike many criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles, we fight for our clients with compassion and emotion as well as intellect and skill because we genuinely care for our clients and their families